Ing.Milic Jiracek,CSc.

Born October 21st 1922 in Vysoke Myto, Czechoslovak Republic.


Graduated in 1951 on Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Elektrotechnical Engineering. Finished his PHd. in 1964.

Professional activities.

Since 1948 he worked in Research Institute of Photography Technology (VUFT), later as a scientific research assistant in Research Institute of Sound and Picture and Broadcasting Technology (VUZORT) (el. and opt.measuring procedures and instruments for sensitometry and optics, imaging quality), Between 1960 and 1982 he worked in the Research Institute of Mathematical Machinery (VUMS) (computer elements, applied optoelectronics, optical comunications and holografic memories), till 1986 in VZLU (cockpit optical viewfinder).

He led lectures on Secondary Film School (PFS; 1953-1964), Film Faculty of Academy of Arts (FAMU; 1954-1956), Technical University in Brno (VT Brno; 1977-1981) and na Palacky University in Olomouc - Moravia (1977-1992). In 1950 was awarded with price of honor for his work on stereoscopy film , in 1989 medal of K.Plicka, in 2000 honor award of the Chamber of Czech Photographers. Author and co-author of different publications, translations, scientific and research articles and a lot of popularising articles. Nowadays he writes in general about photography with the focus on digital photography, writes about applied optoelectronics, he is involved in studies of history of photography.

Publications (in Czech only)

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